Traditionally, earning money from an online ad meant putting the ad on your page, waiting for enough people to see it to hit some predefined level (usually $50.00) and then withdrawing a payment from it. The upside was that the advertiser had already sold the advertising.

We turn that totally upside down.

The advertiser pays in advance, not just for that month’s advertising, but for the entire campaign. which is worth them doing. Read more here. [LINK TO ADVERTISER PAGE]

Now, think about the biggest names online – Facebook and Google would no doubt be on that list.

Both are billion dollar companies. Facebook’s only income has been selling advertising space. Google’s income has included a few other services, but mainly its selling advertising space.

AdFundz is no huge corporation, and will not be collecting vast amounts of money and hand out peanuts to those doing the hard work of displaying the adverts to people who may click on them!

We pass 90% of the revenue back to the person/company/organization that signed up with AdFundz. 10% covers our growth, credit card processing fees, etc. Advertisers and AdFundz account holders see the same data of costs and distribution. This is totally transparent.
High Revenue, low costs