Your gratitude page is a page on your site/blog that you link to from most of your sites/blogs pages/posts. The gratitude page has different sized areas on it that anyone or any organization can pay for. Once they purchase it, they will be able to write up a brief description (size is based on your settings for that price-point). It stays there for as long as your site is live. This makes it a bargain for any organization, a fun, ongoing thing for friends/family and of course a revenue source for you. On top of that, its a conversation piece for everyone!

People (or organizations) can purchase an area on your gratitude page. They can enter text and image(s) per the limits set by you. Your website will link to the gratitude page from every page within your site. If you are a blogger, you will define how often you include links to your gratitude page. If you are a prolific blogger once every 10 or 20 blogs will suffice. If you blog less often then AdFundz recommends you consider linking at the bottom of every post.

Links on the gratitude page are forever. This is good for you because Google likes to see links! This will be beneficial for you and the page you are linking to.

What about Aunt Ethel? She has paid in $40 (or whatever you set the rate at), and has a small block she can put text into. What is she going to do with it? Well, as we all know, Aunt Ethel loves cats. So she can link to the cat shelter she helps out, increasing their visibility, and put in a little write up about how good they are, and how anyone can help them

A business that has paid more gets more space. They can update its contents as often as they wish, linking back to their website. It is very beneficial for their website’s ranking and traffic. The content can be added/updated with text or images containing link(s).

You get money for your venture without having to do further work.

If you want to sell quantity you can use our mosaic page. Here you sell icons – 50 pixels by 50 pixels. We have some predefined icons you can use, or companies can use their logos. This was inspired by the Million Dollar Home Page which was an amazing piece of marketing! Build your own, no limits – you may raise $100, but if you can raise $100,000,000 then go for it! We will be cheering you along!

Want to see our gratitude page? Sure! It’s in the footer of every page (show image)