Welcome to the AdFundz Blog page. The purpose of this is to show the bumpy path from wanting to run a start up to running a start up. Of course, this is written in real time, so one does have to accepopt that this may show the bumpy path of wanting to run a start up to failing to run a start up.

And, genuinely, that has to be a concern. The bankrupcy courts fill up erveryday with people who knew their idea would work. If you are trying to follo this path, chances are high that you will fail. So, plan on success, but make sure you don’t fail too hard! If you can do this without risking your home/car/job, thjats great! Have at it!

Can you do this without risking your family? If you are doing this and a paying job, you will have little time for anything else. If you are doing this instead of a paying job, you will still have little time for anything else, will have lots of stress, and very little of that coveted “free time”.

Still here? Good! Because, whilst all the above is true, with a few things, you can make this work.

  1. A good idea. Now, your Mom will tell you its a great idea, because, to her, it is. Ask people you do not know! Do they think of it as a great idea? If none of them do, look at it again, think about it, play games with it, break it. Then, fix it. Now, ask around again. And if someone says “Thats a bad idea” and do not expand on that, they are either too busy to help, don’t understand what you are doing, dont like you or are jealous. Discard their input. If someone can say “I think its a bad idea because… Write down the “Because”. are they right? Could they be right? How can you fix that, what do you need to change?
  2. Money. You need some. Even if you are doing all of this in your ‘spare’ time, you already have a computer, high speed net, you will need more. You may need a web site.