AdFundz is a new tool that will help you to raise funds for your startup, nonprofit, school group, or even an established company.

  • Allows companies, (including start-ups, small companies, organizations, etc) to raise capital without handing out equity or begging for money.
  • Bloggers can generate revenue quickly.
  • Investors put money in with zero risk.
  • helps you every step of the way

  Despite all of this, AdFundz is NOT

  • Interest charging (or any form of) Credit
  • Begging friends and strangers for handouts
  • Risking your assets
  • Touching your credit card transactions

This is something new. Something different, Something safe. Something exciting
Something better.

  • Use advertising on your site, only with a reverse payment model. So as soon as the advertiser pays for the advertising, you receive 90% of what they paid [Continued…]
  • “Investors” can relax. If the site advertised on is discontinued, the “Investors” ads will run their course on other AdFundz pages [Continued…]
  • Gratitude Pages – a new advertising model that can allow Big Business or even your grandmother to help you grow, and they will get something in return! [Continued…]
  • Total safety for everyone involved. A transparent system with no shocks or surprises.
  • Sign up free. Now. [LINK]